Spitfire Flyover at Brighouse 1940s Weekend


We can proudly announce that a real Spitfire will be flying over Brighouse today (02/06/2013) around 15:00 as part of the Brighouse 1940s Weekend.

A message that Squadron Leader Mason has been cleared for take-off reach us earlier this morning. The Spitfire will fly over Commercial Street, Brighouse around 14:55 to 14:58. Be sure to visit early to get a good spot, it is sure to be amazing.

Don’t forget, it is completely free!


BREAKING NEWS | The flight will now be around 15:10!


  1. i hope you like the video

  2. me and my 2 children like spitfire and my daughter alannah likes the spitfie from my little pony
    friendship is magic as well

  3. I think that the spitfire flyover was amazing

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